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Services Offered

Ingraham Mantel ClockGenerally speaking, servicing a clock--an antique Grandfather clock or a Sessions wall clock or an electric art deco Seth Thomas mantel clock--all clock service includes disassembly, cleaning and lubrication, reassembly, and adjustment for accuracy.  No pun intended, but this takes time.  Depending on my work load, it may be several months before your clock is ready to be returned to you.  I always appreciate your patience.  Normally, I work on clocks in the order I receive them unless there is something obviously wrong that can be easily and quickly remedied.

When a clock has been neglected or has been in a particularly dusty environment, or is actually broken and inoperative, it will require complete disassembly of the movement and an ultrasonic bath with an industrial cleaner.  Every individual part of the movement will then be examined for worn plates, bent pivots, broken mainsprings, etc.  All necessary repairs will be made in order to insure your clock will operate dependably for years to come.  All work is guaranteed for six months.  For more details about costs for various services, please click on the Fee Schedule tab.

Keith Doster
2109 Marshall Byars Rd
Chester, SC 29706