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Formerly Steiger Clock Shop


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Rates & Fees

A general guideline to determine approximate costs according to services rendered


In-Home Floor Clock Service

$125 + .50/mile round trip from the shop


Includes setting up of new clocks, and maintenance (minor cleaning and lubrication) of existing tall case (Grandfather and Grandmother) clocks. Additional charges will apply for removal of clock works for shop repairs and re-installation.  An estimate will be supplied prior to the commencement of any repairs upon closer examination of the clock works. Replacement of the clock movement will occasionally be more cost effective for newer (i.e. not antique) clocks.  An estimate will be provided for comparison with costs for repair of original works.

Other Clocks $25/hr. plus parts, supplies, materials, etc. Clocks other than tall case/floor clocks will be serviced in the shop. This includes shelf and mantel clocks, wall clocks, 400-Day/Anniversary clocks, cuckoo clocks, electric clocks, etc. An estimate will be given upon examination of your clock before work is commenced. Items may be picked up and delivered for an additional fee (50 cents per mile), or they may be dropped off at the shop with an appointment.
Packing Clocks For Moving/Shipment Varies Fees for floor clocks (i.e. antique Tall Case clocks, Grandfather/Grandmother clocks which will be transported by a moving company) begin at $250. Additional fees will be charged for packing materials.  Fees for clocks other than floor clocks begin at $75. Any other charges will be determined on site. NOTE: If a clock needs to be shipped via a shipping service such as UPS rather than a moving company, I recommend taking your clock to the nearest UPS Store to have them pack it and ship it for you.
Watch Repair Varies Doster Clock Shop does not service watches.  However, I can take your broken wristwatch or pocket watch and have it professionally serviced and repaired by a reputable watchmaker.
Keith Doster
2109 Marshall Byars Rd
Chester, SC 29706